Married couples that are trained to administer the FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couples Communications, Understanding and Study) premarital inventory. A facilitator's role is to empower the couple to discuss the issues and move toward awareness and problem solving. The facilitator also helps couples identify and affirm their strengths.


  • Attend a FOCCUS Facilitators training session hosted by the Archdiocese.
  • Meet with engaged couples in your home, at your convenience, to administer the Archdiocesan Premarital Inventory and discuss the results.
  • Complete summary and evaluation sheets and submit them to Father Bob.

Gifts Needed for this Ministry:  

  • Be a happily married, faithfully Catholic couple.
  • Be eager to encourage happy, healthy Catholic marriages.

Amount of Time Required: Assist with approximately 3 engaged couples each year. 
Length of Commitment: One year, renewable as desired.
Ministry Contact: Ann Heckenkamp Phone: 262.691.1535 x103 Email: [email protected]

Ministry Contact: Deacon Gene Kempka Phone: 262.691.1535 x116 Email: [email protected]