Deacon Carlos Londono's Easter Homily

Happy Easter!

The Lord is Risen Today!

Christians from all around the world are filled with joy today for the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He is alive! He lives! He was death, was left in a tomb and soon after he left that same tomb walking, alive, filled with power. He is the same one in whom we had placed our trust and faith and, seeing him alive, rightfully fills us with much joy!

We also remember that once he said: “where I am, there also will my servant be.” Does that mean that we can also live as fully as he does now? Yes! And this is another reason for us to celebrate today! We can be as fully alive as the Lord Jesus is today!

Now, the question emerges rather quick: can we talk about being happy, about celebration when there are so many suffering and even dying in our world today? Can we be joyful in a time of pandemic?

Brothers and sisters, we must. We must be joyful at the resurrection of the Lord. This is the only way we can tell the world that there is hope! We have heard it proclaimed many times: “the Lord has conquered death,  sin and evil.” Well, these are certainly the times to be convinced of that truth.

Are we saying by this that there is no suffering? Clearly not. It only takes to turn on the TV and hear the news. So, are we saying that we should ignore suffering? That is not the case either! We acknowledge suffering and even accept it with hands outstretched, like the Lord Jesus did on Good Friday, but we also learn today, seeing the one that was death now fully alive, that death and pain do not have the last saying here: the Lord Jesus does! He lives and so will all who believe in him. This is our faith and this is why we are joyful today.

Our attitude towards suffering must radically change now that we know that the Lord is risen: we must assist those who are sick and suffering, and we do all we can to heal them and bring them comfort because we know that they are meant to live like the Lord Jesus does!

As for our own suffering, may we never be overcome or overwhelmed by it; may we never lose hope; may we look to rejoice in the face of it; this is the Christian ID: The certainty, the assurance that sorrow and sadness reign no more. The Lord has conquered them and for this we rejoice.

Today the risen Lord reminds us of what he told us once: “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” These are good news, aren’t they? While keeping social distancing and following the advice coming from the experts, let us be glad and joyful especially today and this entire Easter season. There is reason for it.

Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter day.


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