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Carlos' Pilgrimage to Rome

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 1/24/18

From January 3rd through the 11th, all the seminarians currently studying theology at saint Francis de Sales Seminary, had the blessing to pilgrim to Italy.  It was a beautiful trip in which we had the chance to visit Orvieto, Assisi, Subiaco and Rome.  We spent most of our time ... Read More »

Lourdes - Where God Lifts Up the Lowly

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 8/31/17

Lourdes - Where God Lifts Up the Lowly by Carlos Londono


As some of you may know already, I had the gift to work for our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, France this past month of July.

The summer between first and second Theology at ... Read More »

Carlos' Trip to the Dominican Republic

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 7/12/17

As I begin my second week of service here in Lourdes, I would like to reflect back on my trip to the Dominican Republic from June 6th through the 13th, as part of the missionary outreach of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Our Archdiocese has a sister parish, La Sagrada ... Read More »

Come Holy Spirit! By Carlos Londono

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 5/25/17

COME HOLY SPIRIT!  By Carlos Londono

We as Christians are more familiar with Jesus and the Father than what we are with the Holy Spirit. Some of us might actually have a hard time trying to understand, imagine or picture who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. ... Read More »

Christ is alive! What about you?

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 4/27/17

Christ is alive!  What about you?  By Carlos Londono

Christ is risen! It is Easter! Christ overcame death! Now, does this event take place only in the life of Jesus? Yes and No.

Yes. Historically and by faith we know as Christians that Jesus was killed, but the Father ... Read More »

Hello, Mr. Saint Bob!

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 3/02/17

HELLO, MR. SAINT BOB! By Carlos Londono

Have you ever thought of yourself as holy? Have you ever introduced yourself like: “Hello, my name is Saint Spencer or Saint Chris?” Would you call the person next to you: "Hey Mr. Saint Zach or Saint Nick?”

Paul used to greet ... Read More »

We Believe in Love...Incarnate by Carlos Londono

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 12/29/16

We believe in love… incarnate.

It is Christmas time. It is a time special to everyone, a reason to celebrate. Everywhere you go, you hear people wishing each other a Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays! And rightfully so, because it is a time to be merry and happy… it ... Read More »

It is Advent! Stay Awake! By Carlos Londono

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 12/06/16

Stay awake! We all know how well we operate when we are awake, how much we enjoy life when we notice and appreciate the small details of our daily life. When we are sleepy, we don’t enjoy the day: the only thing we can think of is “How many ... Read More »

The End No More by Carlos Londono

Posted by Lisa Kopczyk on 11/23/16

The End No More By Carlos Londono                                                                                        Seminarian at St. Francis de Sales Seminary, Wisconsin

As we approach the end of the present liturgical year, our attention is drawn to the idea of "the end":  the end of times, the end of life.

First of all, we are more ... Read More »