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Have you ever been unable to explain the “why” of Catholic beliefs? Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament sounds so different from the New Testament? In the Old Testament, God began building a plan and laying a foundation for the beautiful traditions of the Catholic Faith. That plan was fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.

Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism is an apologetic approach to sharing the Catholic Faith using the Old Testament Tabernacle as a blueprint for God’s plan. While it is designed as a faith-sharing Scripture study, you will also gain an understanding of some of the most questioned Catholic teachings. Fulfilled will reignite your love of Scripture and help you share and defend the Catholic Faith with the Word of God.

Join us for Part One (seven sessions October 17 - December 5, 2018) which focuses on the elements found in the outer sanctuary of the Old Testament Tabernacle and how they connect with the liturgical calendar, the priesthood, purgatory, baptism, and more. Part Two (seven sessions January 9, 2018 - February 20,2019) focuses on the elements found in the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle and how they connect to the Magisterium, the Eucharist, Incense, Mary, and more.

The Part One Student pack (RECOMMENDED) includes Sonja Corbitt’s book Fulfilled and the workbook for the study.  The cost is $30.00.  The Part Two workbook will be ordered when available and is expected to be $18.00.

Please contact Liz Kuhn at 262-691-1535 x108 ( or Paul DeBruyne at 815-218-6436 ( for additional information and to register.