Adult Bible Study



Discover Your Place in the Story of Salvation

 Do you want to learn where the Bible comes from and how Catholics can better understand its story. Together we will survey the principle covenants God made with figures such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. This Study will deepen your knowledge of Scripture and the riches of our faith.

 Genesis to Jesus is part of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology’s dynamic Journey Through Scripture Bible Study Series. The Study is designed to help ordinary Catholics grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures while deepening their understanding of the riches of our faith.  Genesis to Jesus looks at the entire Bible and how all its parts work together.

 If you want to understand more of what is in the Bible come join us at 9:45 Wednesday Mornings from September 4, 2019 thru November 20, 2019.  Registration forms are in the Narthex or contact Paul DeBruyne at [email protected] or (815) 218-6436.