Confirmation is the final of the three Sacraments of Initiation -- Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. The celebration of Confirmation includes the Laying On of Hands and the Anointing with Sacred Chrism (consecrated oil). Confirmation stirs up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and strengthens us for action in our Church and our world.


Confirmation is typically celebrated in the junior year of high school. The minimum age in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is 16. Those interested in Confirmation should contact our Youth Minister, Liz Kuhn, at or (262) 691-1535 x108.


Preparation includes class sessions. overnight retreat, events with sponsors, service experiences, and submission of documentation required by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.


Confirmation Packet for 2016-2017


Pledge of Commitment

Important Information

Record / Release of Information

Parent Article

Retreat Registration 

Retreat Release

Retreat Permission Slip



Confirmation Sessions for 2016-2017

Youth that have been absent need to read the lesson plan, view any slides, watch any videos, and complete any handouts. Bring your completed handouts in for a check.


Session 1 = Parent / Youth Meeting     Lesson Plan     Slides


Session 2 = Youth Meeting               Lesson Plan    Slides    Hierarchy of Truths    Conscience


Session 3 = Sponsor / Youth Meeting     Lesson Plan             Slides             Worksheet 1      Sponsor Guide


Session 4 =   Lesson Plan       Slides      The Holy Spirit in the Bible


Session 5 = Youth Meeting    Lesson Plan     Slides