Budget Committee

Budget Committee

Role   The budget committee is involved with the preparation and development of a parish budget draft for approval by the Finance Council.  The committee works with the various commissions and committees of both councils to balance the projected revenues and expenses of the parish during the next fiscal year.  The Pastoral Council participates in the budget process.

The committee follows a timeline and completes its work by a deadline established by the Finance Council.  The frequency of meetings is determined by the committee.  Once the draft is submitted, the budget committee's task is complete until the next fiscal year.


Membership   A staff member with responsibility for developing the budget, a Finance Council member, representatives from key areas of mission and ministry Parish members with expertise in budgeting and finance.


Areas of Responsibility

The budget committee is responsible, for these tasks:

  1. Determine a timeline for the submission of a budget draft to the Finance Council.
  2. Communicate any necessary guidelines or parameters for the upcoming fiscal year which have been determined by the Finance Council based on projected revenues.
  3. Invite all officers and commissions/committees to prepare and submit preliminary operating budgets.
  4. Provide past budget histories and current year-to-date performance to the appropriate offices and ministries.
  5. Work to reach a balanced budget with offices, commissions/committees, and the participation of the Pastoral Council.


Please contact the Parish Office at (262) 691-1535 if you are interested in being part of this committee.