Prayer & Worship Committee


 Prayer & Worship Committee Guidelines

Queen of Apostles Parish

Pewaukee, WI

(from and based on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Pastoral Council Commissions/Committee Descriptions)



This Committee collaborates with the members of the pastoral staff to

          -support the liturgical ministries of the parish;

          -nourish and give direction to the liturgical and communal prayer life of the parish community; through fulfillment of their areas of responsibility.

 The Committee may form sub-Committees or ministry teams to work directly with specific liturgical ministries.  These sub-Committees/ministry teams report directly and regularly to the committee. 

*Possible sub-Committees/ministry teams are – Choir, Environment, Liturgy Assistant, Lectors/Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters/Ushers.



The Committee members shall be liturgical ministers and parishioners who have an interest/expertise in worship and liturgy. 

Ex-officio members – Pastor, Director of Liturgy & Music, Pastoral Council Liaison



A chairperson, vice-chair/chair-elect, and secretary should be selected annually by and from the Committee membership. 

(Ex-officio members of the Committee are ineligible to serve as officers.)



The Committee’s manner of decision-making is communal and includes gathering of information, prayerful reflection, and dialogue which leads to consensus.



  • Assist with planning liturgical celebrations for special seasons and feasts, as well as various other forms of prayer to support the faith base of the parishioners.


  • Conduct ongoing evaluation of the liturgical celebrations, other prayer/worship services, and the effectiveness of the active liturgical/worship ministries in the parish.


  • Collaborate with the pastoral staff in regards to the recruiting, training, formation, and scheduling of liturgical ministers for the liturgical celebrations, sacraments, and prayer services offered in the parish.


  • Communicate and promote the activities and programs of the Committee to the parishioners and the leadership of the parish. 


  • Provide opportunities for the ongoing formation of Committee members as well as the entire parish membership. 


  • Study new liturgical ministries and programs for the parish.

            -Assess their potential for use in the parish base on the identified needs of the parish within prayer and worship.

            -Formulate goals, objective, timelines, and responsibilities for developing the new ministry or program.


  • Submit proposals for new ministries or programs as well as significant changes to existing programs to the Pastoral Council.


  • Assist the Council in the study of particular issues as requested.


  • Monitor the worship space to ensure it is maintained, furnished, and decorated appropriately for each liturgical season and celebration as needed.  Also, ensure updates and improvements, recommended by Archdiocesan and universal norms, guidelines, and practices, are made.


  • Follow Archdiocesan and universal guidelines for liturgical practices consistent with the liturgical documents.   Consult with and use the resources available through the Archdiocesan offices and agencies. 


  • Review and evaluate prayer and worship budget, as needed, with the Pastor and Director of Liturgy and Music. 


Click here to download a copy of the guidelines.