Deacon Carlos Londono's Homily

May 15, 2019 Homily by Deacon Carlos Londono


In the Gospel this morning, Jesus continues speaking about that intimate connection, that loving relationship that exists between Jesus the Son and God the Father.

He says:

“Whoever believes in me believes also in the one who sent me,
and whoever sees me sees the one who sent me.

Later Jesus also says: “The Father and I are one.”

What a loving relationship between Father and Son to the point that they become one.

This morning I would like us to think about our own relationship with God the Father: do we have one? Do we approach God the Father as what he is, a loving Father?

Maybe for some of us, receiving the love that comes from God the Father might be a challenge, because maybe we have a poor image of our own fathers, our dads… maybe they did not give us the best example… maybe they were distant… maybe they were not even there…

All of these factors challenge our relationship with God, the Father.

This is why, we need to ask Jesus the Son: please, I would like to have the same relationship that you have with God the Father. I would like to receive his love as you do: help me to see the Father as you see him, help me to love the Father as you do, Jesus.

Father, father: into your hands I commend my spirit.


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