We Believe in Love...Incarnate by Carlos Londono

We believe in love… incarnate.

It is Christmas time. It is a time special to everyone, a reason to celebrate. Everywhere you go, you hear people wishing each other a Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays! And rightfully so, because it is a time to be merry and happy… it is a time of hopeful joy! Why? Because we believe in Love and this Incarnate.

In the Gospel of John it is stated the reason as to why Christmas is a time to celebrate: “…the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1, 14).  The Word, the Evangelist himself narrates, “was God” (John 1, 1) and God “is Love” (1 John 4, 8). So, it seems rightful to say that this is what we celebrate every 25th of December, that Love became flesh!

Let us then celebrate Christmas for what it really is and entails. Let us not only celebrate but LIVE as people that believe in Love and this Incarnate. If we choose to do so, if we choose to be Christians, we face a radical decision for our lives: to live like those who believe in the possibility and indeed existence of an Incarnate Love.

What does this life look like? First, in this life, the word Love is not overwhelming. It is not a “60’s” or “girly” thing. It is what we chose to believe, what we agree upon every time we say “I do” when asked “do you believe in God?”

Secondly, in this life, we become Love because Love becomes one of us. When waking up, we choose to do it in Love; when someone needs something, we place his or her need before my needs because of Love; the people I encounter every day, Love prompts me to intentionally greet smiling and treat kindly; because of Love, I don’t give up on others, despite their flaws, failures or past. Because of Love, I allow myself to be loved without prejudices or fears.

It is Christmas! Let us rejoice! Why? Because we believe in Love and this Incarnate! May this season remind us that we choose to believe in this truth every time we celebrate it!


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